Lynda Buitrago of Depke Wellness Presents:
Hypothyroid Treatment...Dangerous Cover Up?

Wednesday, August 15th

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern
Video Training Starts In...

Lynda Buitrago

Lynda is the leader of the hormone team here at Depke Wellness and she is my thyroid expert. Lynda's expertise on thyroid function, challenges and troubleshooting are second to none, and you will see this first hand on this video training.
What You're Going To Learn
  • What is the primary leading cause of low thyroid function
  • Why the thyroid is typically not this issue
  • How treating the thyroid may not be helping, and actually hurting you
  • This is a bonus training at no cost to you
  • Lynda will also be providing you a gift of significant value for you at the end of the training
This video training is limited to 100 people so please be sure to register promptly and save your spot. Everybody wants this information and you do not want to miss this opportunity.
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